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Brass Band instrumentation differs from other Bands; on the top voices are a variety of cornet parts ( including solo, repiano and flugelhorn parts), alto horns (not French Horns) cover the next highest voice, the tenor voice is covered by baritone horns, euphoniums and trombones, two different keyed tubas (Eb and BBb) cover the bass voice, and an optional percussion section completes the instrumentation. The Buffalo Silver Band’s  following recording excerpts at the  2014Hannaford Festival of Brass in Toronto, in which the Buffalo Silver Band won the coveted Hannaford Cup,  will give you an idea of a  brass band’s unique sound and versatility: Puttin’ on the RitzCossack Fire Dance(Nathan Barnes, Cornet; Peter Karda, Trombone), Men of HarlechWatching the Wheat (Diana Bley, Euphonium), and Stars and Stripes Forever.

Picture of the Buffalo Silver Band

Buffalo Silver Band performs for the Festival of Brass 2013, Toronto, Ont. Photography courtesy of Niles Dening Photography


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